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Sausage curls that don't go with her face and frills and lace were what her relatives used to dress her in to try and make her seem more of who they wanted her to be. Ill-suited colours and fashions were what the world saw when they looked at the little girl with the strange midnight eyes.

Thus was the way her relatives tried to deal with the strange girl that had been born to them.

When she got older and her eccentricities became something more of an embarrassment, they would ship her off to Briarwood. If she was at Briarwood, then no one could comment to the family about her latest declaration... or give them such sweetened sympathy that the youngest of their powerful family wore no jewels.

How wrong they were.

Her relatives thought they were experts at keeping the troublesome child well-hidden from the public and from the world at large.

They thought they were the masters at dissembling and avoidance of the truth.

She was better.

She learned at a young age how to steal away from wherever they had put her. She learned how to sneak off to the other Realms and learn things that no one in her family could teach her --- or would believe existed. She hid her friends and her mentors. She hid the one that came to help her and offered love when she was about to be destroyed.

Her blood relatives never knew the biggest thing she kept hidden from them.

She was Dreams Made Flesh and she wore Birthright Black.

While they thought to hide her existence, she hid her power and her knowledge.

She learned all about the benefits of keeping things hidden from her relatives of Chaillot.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline SaDiablo
Fandom: "The Black Jewels" trilogy; Misc. Books
Words: 291
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