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Jaenelle Vs.Hekatah; It's war! Describe yourself fighting against The Taint in the Blood. ... Challenge #155

There are many things that I can pretend to overlook and some that I can even pretend that I accept as happenstance or normal occurences between the different races of our world. There are many events that could be considered growing pains or building blocks as Courts struggle to form or Witches go through their Virgin Night or their Moon Time.

I can even accept that sometimes Blood males do not use more sense than what they have hanging down between their legs.


There are a few things that I just will not accept and will not allow to continue to spread poison through the Realms.

The main one of those being Hekatah and the taint she has spread through the Blood.

She is tainted and she is wrong. She is offensive to the whole structure of the Blood. She uses her Jewels -- and the Jewels of others -- to further her own evil deeds instead of respecting the very nature of the Blood as the founders of us all had intended.

Her crimes against me, I had let pass and had never demanded anything in return for the many things that she orchestrated to befall me in my life.

However, she crossed the line when she messed with what is mine. She crossed the line when she started allowing her puppets to go where they were not welcome.

Saetan. Daemon. Lucivar.

Three dangerous instruments and the three dearest to me.

She should have learned her lesson when she and Dorothrea tried to have me broken and destroyed when I was a child. They failed then and she always fails.

Currently, Hekatah strikes out at me through manipulations and attacks on those I protect.

Soon, she will have no choice but to deal with me directly.

Blood sings to Blood and this world is tied in my Blood.

She and I battle on a daily basis, but one day she will force my hand...

...and all of Kaeleer will know that Witch has come home.

Hekatah and I have no choice but to battle. I will not be controlled and I will not allow her taint to poison the Blood or the land any further.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline SaDiablo
Fandom: "The Black Jewels" trilogy; Misc. Books
Words: 368
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