Apr. 13th, 2006

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Fortune: Some people have it, some people seek it, some claim to predict it, and some say that it favors the brave. Write a ficlette inspired by the word "fortune."


There are so many definitions, so many variations of such a simple word.

[[Locked from Saetan, Lucivar, Daemon, Surreal]]

First, I do not think that fortune favors the brave. If it did, why would those that are the bravest people I know have suffered so much in their lives? Where was the favor when Papa lost both of his sons at such young ages? Where was the favor when my brother, Lucivar, was imprisoned in the Salt Mines of Pruul --- or anytime before that? Where was the favor when my beloved was hurt and tormented so badly... and then again when he spent thirteen years in the Twisted Kingsom because he had been brave? Where was the favor when Surreal was strong and brave after her mother was murdered?

I don't see that fortune favored them for the bravery they showed throughout in all of their trials.


If you ask many of the non-tainted Blood, they'd tell you that I am the product of their fortune.

I've been told all of my life that I was their Dream. They dreamed for me to come and help them and stop the taint of the Blood and the actions of the Queens like Dorothea and Hekatah. They dreamed for a witch and a queen that was powerful enough to stand against the evil and the taint that places like Chaillot had become.

Tersa told them I was coming. She predicted what would happen when the witch they dreamed for would arrive. Few believed her warnings. Few believed that this Witch would be the power that Tersa predicted. They dreamed that fortune would favor them and provide what they asked... but they didn't believe it would happen; and not in the way in which Tersa warned them. They asked for her to tell them their fortunes... and she did.

Daemon believed her, though, and so did Lucivar. Papa believed when he was told long ago by Cassandra. Their fortune, so they say, was me when I was dreamt into being. Dreams Made Flesh.

I have seen other examples of fortune. I have seen the massacres of Kindred because humans and tainted creatures wanted the fortune and prestige that the land of the Kindred could bring them in their circles. They sought their fortune in the blood of others. Doing things that way tends to backfire on them now. They sought their fortunes in the land of the Unicorns and they killed Katien... and that's when I made my offering to the Darkness and became Queen.

The fortune that others have, they sometimes don't realize they have it because they don't see it as I do. Your fortune is what you make it and it can be the best thing you ever do.


My fortune came from Papa.

Papa gave me my fortune when he gave me a family who loved me for me and was willing to accept all that I was and would be. Everything he gave me was more than I could ever have imagined. Because of the love and the safety he gave me, I have Daemon. I have Lucivar and Surreal. I have the Coven and the Boyos. Most of all, I have myself.

Fortune wears many guises and it's up to you to decide which is real and which is the more important one.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline SaDiablo
Fandom: "The Black Jewels" trilogy; Misc. Books
Words: 569


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