Jul. 28th, 2006

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I learned at a very early age that excuses do nothing to aid you. They only cause confusion and chaos and hurt feelings. I choose not to make excuses when I can avoid it. To me, an excuse for something is a little too close to being dishonest. If there is something that you cannot or will not do, it is always best if you just be honest and clear about what you cannot do and why it cannot be done. If you make excuses about it, if you talk around the idea or the request, it can backfire upon you. It can make you seem to be dishonest or it can undo all of the hard work you have done to get others to believe in you.

Of course, I could talk for hours about the excuses the family or the boyos have made to me or to the Coven to avoid answering our questions. Thankfully, Surreal is a sensible witch and answers all of our questions quite honestly and without a thought for how Daemon the family might react to us finally achieving this knowledge that we have been seeking.

However, it is Papa who often times comes up with the most creative and far-fetched excuses...

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Talk about something you inherited. (It could be an object, a physical attribute, a belief, etc.) ... Challenge #135

I believe that the answer to this depends on your definition of inheritance. I was dreamed into existence by whole races of very strong dreamers. From each of these dreamers, I was gifted with a certain aspect or characterization of them. Kindred, human and demon alike all had very strong dreams to bring me into their lives and it could be said that I inherited something from each and every dreamer whose minds and souls touched mine.

It could also be said that I inherited the ability to hate from the blood relatives that birthed me and raised me for the earliest part of my life. The Angellines and their ways were not things that you are automatically born with -- or so Papa has told me over and over again. Their ways and their lack of caring and concern for those they feel are different are traits that you are taught. Except, I believe that it was always a part of Robert to be as cruel and twisted as he was. I don't feel that he could blame that on his dealings with Dorothea. I know quite personally that there is at least one person who has been a guest of Dorothea who has not turned out cruel and dangerous to those around him.

I can say that I have inherited the ways of the Blood from Lorn and the concepts of Protocol from Papa. I would also like to think that I have inherited the calmness that Papa shows when he is faced by something that would usually make others snarly and grumbly. I do know that I have inherited Papa's ability to love the land and life around him.

If those things are what you mean by inheritance, then I am a richer person for each gift I have been given.

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There are times that I both agree and disagree with this sentiment.

I look at Daemon and Lucivar and I see that the things that Dorothea and Hekatah did to them didn't kill them outright. I know that she thought they would break under the strain of what was being done. They wanted them to break, wanted them to agree to anything that the two of them wanted to do. Daemon and Lucivar didn't break. They survived and they stayed who they were. They never turned their backs on their Blood or on their morals. They both took everything that was done to them and used it to mold into them and shape the strength of who they have become.

Then I look back over the things that happened to me in my childhood. Did those events make me stronger? I'm not sure if they did or not. They made me more cautious, and made me less tolerant of another's pain...less accepting of another's cruelty... but did they make me stronger for having survived them?

I really don't think that's a question that I can clearly answer.

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