Aug. 22nd, 2006

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and not remembered what you did the night before? ... Challenge #137

I have woken up and have completely forgotten two and a half years of my life. Does that count as not remembering the night before? I think it should as I woke up, unable to remember nine hundred and thirteen night befores. That is a very large amount of time to completely forget...especially when you are fifteen. I didn't even remember that night that caused everything to hide away in my mind --- or what had caused so much physical damage that the family had to watch over my coma for that long.

I lost consciousness at twelve and woke up at fifteen. For the longest time, I had no memory of what caused the damage to me physically and mentally --- and I had no memory of those that risked a great deal to try to save my life.

So yes, I guess I can say that I have woken up and not remembered what I did the night before.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline SaDiablo
Fandom: "The Black Jewels" trilogy; Misc. Books
Words: 166
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When I think of Spirit, I think of my sister, Surreal.

With everything Surreal has been through, she has never let anything come close to breaking her spirit. She doesn't know how to give up and as far as I am aware, she has never even considered giving up... never.

There are other aspects to her spirit as well.

When someone is too weak to fight or to help themselves, Surreal never abandons them or leaves them behind. It's not just people that she knows or is close to, either. She'd fight just as hard for a stranger being wronged as she would for her own family.

My sister has a spirit that can strengthen the weakest heart and I count myself very lucky to have her in our lives. She's a powerful and welcome addition to the First Circle, and a very important part of my family. She can hold her own with the Boyos and has even managed to make them wary of bothering the rest of the Coven when we are involved in something.

Surreal embodies the meaning of the freedom of spirit that the Blood fights for.

I, for one, am determined to make sure no one ever takes that from her.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline SaDiablo
Fandom: "The Black Jewels" trilogy; Misc. Books
Words: 206
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This is a hard question for me to answer.

I seem to make both friends and enemies very easily.

Making enemies, I can understand. I stand in their way of things --- of the power --- that they all want. I won't let them hurt people and I won't let them take the power or the property that they want, so I am their enemy.

What is harder for me to understand is the why on how I make friends so easily. I know that I am not the easiest person to be around sometimes and I have been told by both Lucivar and Prothvar that I can have a snarly demeanor --- especially in the mornings. I have been known to endanger those I care about because the enemies I attract have no qualms about trying to use those people I care for to hurt me.

Yet, still I have friends stay close to me and still I have new friends that endeavor to spend time with me.

I don't understand it sometimes.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline SaDiablo
Fandom: "The Black Jewels" trilogy; Misc. Books
Words: 171


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