Nov. 3rd, 2006

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...never assume that you know everything about your enemies and what they can be capable of.

Jaenelle was in the workroom, concentrating on her tonic when the door opened behind her. The psychic scent on the air caused her to curl her lips inwardly, but on the outside, she showed no affect to the person invading her space. She was silent and that caused the unwelcomed visitor to speak in her most withering tone.

"You can at least turn around and acknowledge that I'm in the same room, Jaenelle."

Jaenelle stilled her movements, staring into the bowl. "Hello, Alexandra." She let out a breath. "What are you doing here?"

"I've come to collect you and Wilhemina and take the two of you home."



"We're not going anywhere with you, Alexandra. If you know what is good for you, you will leave Kaeleer and forget all about finding me. After all, you didn't care to look for me until you lost your grasp on Wilhemina, too."

That should have been the end of it. The Angellines should have just left and never bothered them again. They didn't. Alexandra and Dorothea made plans to kidnap her granddaughters from Saetan. But Wilhemina tried to fight and Dejaal was killed.

The blood debt had to be repaid and when Alexandra showed no remorse about anything that happened... and called her monstrous, Jaenelle had done the one thing that would satisfy the blood debt.

She had broken Alexandra and sealed her off from the Jewels.

To protect her own, Jaenelle would do whatever she had to... and Alexandra hadn't believed there would be any punishment for the death of one of the subjects of the Queen of Darkness.

She was wrong.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline SaDiablo
Fandom: "The Black Jewels" trilogy; Misc. Books
Words: 288


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