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*Daemon? Could you please meet me in the garden? I need to discuss something with you.*

Oh, Mother Night, she hoped Surreal and Keelia were right.
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Jaenelle had been pacing for what seemed like hours as she tried to work out several thoughts deep within her mind. She was worried about things. Since she had thrown Hekatah out of the Hall and through the Gates, she had been thinking about a few things that the bitch had said to her and the reaction of the males around her since that night.

Jaenelle sighed and fluffed her hair.

The things Hekatah had said had upset her, but she had done her best to keep it hidden from the rest of the Coven and the Boyos.

She frowned and squared her shoulders and left her rooms. She walked down the hall and knocked on the door she had been looking for. When she heard the call to enter, she opened the door and slipped in. Shutting the door behind her, she swallowed and looked at her sister.

"Surreal? Do you think I'm anything like Hekatah?"
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We need to find Papa someone who will love him. He does his best to take care of all of us, and approve of those we are in love with, that it just doesn't seem fair for him to be so lonely.

I know Sylvia adores him. We just have to get him to see past what he can't offer her and show him how much more he can offer her.
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Jaenelle had been pacing her chambers for the longest time. There was an itchiness in the air and she couldn't quite figure out what it was. She had checked out all of the usual sources of a feeling like that, and everyone else seemed to be doing just fine. In frustration, she asked Beale to send a message for Daemon to meet her in the garden.

Perhaps he could help her figure out what was making her feel this way. Or maybe he could just hold her and make the feeling disappear.

(OOC---Up for a bit of roleplay, Daemon?)


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