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2009-08-07 04:16 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] writers_muses 100.9. Philosophy 101: "Divide et impera." - Unkn

She wasn't unaware of what they were trying to do.

As Karla rested in the room behind her, Jaenelle stared out into the night. She had just been forced to go through the worst healing she had even presided over in order to save her Sister. No, not just her sister, Karla was her sister and her best friend. Karla had been the first human friend she made when she started her journeys to Kaeleer as a child and she had always been the unwavering supporter of anything she wished to do. Hell's Fire, Karla had taken it upon herself to send a scathing letter to the High Lord when she thought he had done something to keep Jaenelle from him.

Sister. Best friend. Coven member. Member of her First Circle.

Hekatah and Dorothea had tried to take Karla from them -- from her -- and they had almost succeeded.

Divide and rule.

They thought to remove her friends who were loyal to her and weaken the lands of Kaeleer so that they could wage a larger war and forcibly rule it. The Queens and Warlords would not allow this. Therefore, they sent assassins after the servers in the First Circle. They attacked young witches and queens in an attempt to bring their lands to heel.

Yet, friendship and love caused a loyalty between the Queens of the other lands and the Queen of Askavi. It wasn't merely her power that allowed Jaenelle to be a well-respected Queen. It wasn't even that she was Witch that brought such loyalty. No, the love of her friends and the Kindred was what caused Jaenelle to be able to rule in Kaeleer. Her lands were ruled and protected by her love for all living things that resided within her borders.

It was something that those tainted by Hekatah would never understand and they would never be able to undo it. They had no hearts so how could they understand that it was love that bound Kaeleer's Heart to the lands and the people?

Divide and rule

It would not happen, not while she yet lived.

Everything had a price and Witch was starting to realize that she would soon have no choice but to make those that were responsible pay that price. Kaeleer would not fall and neither would Glacia, or any other place that the Queen of Askavi watched over.

The debt would be measured and the price paid, there was no other way.

Muse: Jaenelle Angelline
Fandom: The Black Jewels
Words: 412